Mike Cline

About Me

Mike Cline is a creative professional based in Nashville, Tennessee.

Client List —

The Hermitage
Toots Restaurant
Legends Steakhouse
Woodsviking Barbershop
Smyrna Baseball League
Transformational Warehousing
FMS Solutions
New Vision Baptist
LifePoint Church




I fully believe in embodying both words in the title, “creative professional”. Executing high quality designs in touch with modern styles and quality understanding of design principles. But just as important, I get the professionalism aspect as well. Responding to emails or phone calls, taking criticism well, communicating clearly, setting guidelines and expectations, and meeting deadlines on time. I’m good at what I do, I’m professional, and I’m easy to get along with. Ask me about my dad jokes!


Good design is honest.
— Dieter Rams

I believe honesty is the best policy; with design, business, and my personal life. With me you won’t find an ego, a pushover, or a hack. You are always a google search away from a better designer, but I believe my principles and my personality set me apart from the rest.